David Wilson, LMFT

Our success is measured by your success


My extensive experience as a cognitive therapist, blending several evidence-based therapy’s have developed an exciting journey of Transformation.


Transformational therapy offers a path of looking at the narrative & story of your life and creating a new life of discovering your authentic self, reclaiming and embracing your gifts & passions of life. Free of old expectations, stepping into a life that is 100% you.
For me therapy offers a journey.
A journey from being the person everyone expects you to be to discovering & stepping into life reflective of a new script written by you.

Free to get the most out of your life in joy, creativity, and love.

Discover your unique truth brilliance & joy.

You were born perfect, brilliant, talented, & beautiful. Filled with gifts and the inherited right to unconditional love & respect.

Is it time to reclaim your truth?

How I work

Discover & reveal your story

Understand your core beliefs & how life has evolved around those inherited beliefs.

Split out

Once we discover the depth & breadth of your story (script) we name the character who reflects those beliefs in the script.


I take the important time to teach a new language of understanding & self-awarness. Understanding the biology of change. (unlearn old habits/create a new you)

The Journey begins...

Learning to become the conscious objective observer of life, you will begin a life of empowerment, intention, choice, and living in integrity with your belief’s.
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What are anxiety disorders?

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million people in the United States. It is the most common group of mental illnesses in the country. However, only 36.9 percent of people with an anxiety disorder receive treatment.