Affirmations can Create New Beliefs

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What we believe about ourselves (either consciously or unconsciously) greatly affects our thoughts, actions, and experiences. A belief is just a thought that we’ve heard or told ourselves often enough and with enough intensity, that both our conscious and subconscious minds have adopted it as true.

To install a new belief, you will need to feed it into your mind, over and over. The only reason
the old belief seems true is that you have held it for some time and assumed it was true, which makes it play out, which prompts you to focus on it more, which makes it play out…on and on, in a self-reinforcing cycle.

Affirmations can create new beliefs. To script them:

  • Select affirmations that are realistic for you (perhaps a stretch, but possible). Example: “I am a good student”. Even if you’re not currently getting good grades you know that it’s within your reach to get good grades.
  • Phrase your statements in the present tense (otherwise you’re installing a belief that your goal is ever-more forthcoming). Example “I am successful” rather than “I will be successful”. Our subconscious only knows “now”.
  • State the affirmation in the positive. Otherwise your subconscious will hear the word that is being negated. Example “I am thin” rather than “I am not fat” (your subconscious hears “fat”). What you feel from each affirmation is what matters, not the words. If you feel “what a joke” when you hear an affirmation, then you’ll need to re-write it to something that feels good.

Now that you have your affirmations, record them (there are numerous devices and apps which you can use to create an audio file). Your own voice will influence you more than anyone else’s voice could. Speak with enthusiasm and confidence.

Listen to your recording when in receptive states, such as when:

  • Relaxing
  • Meditating
  • Starting your morning
  • Retiring at night- your affirmations will be on your mind as you drift into sleep

A pleasant way to transition from being asleep to being awake is to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you’d normally need to get ready for your day. When it goes off, get up and press “play” on your affirmation CD (or whatever format you’re using) and then (either back in bed or on the couch) sink into listening to yourself speak your affirmations. If your recording is short, set it to repeat. The programming you’ll have done of your mind in the morning will affect your day.

Really f-e-e-l each affirmation. For maximum absorption, get your heart into each statement as you hear it. Emotions are what “charge” your affirmations. Throughout your day there will be times when you find yourself thinking thoughts which are contrary to your affirmations. That’s okay, building new beliefs is a process. Look at the issues that are in the way, learn what you need to from them, take the action necessary to become what you’re affirming, and keep putting the good stuff in.

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