Embrace The Power Of Manifestation And Embody Your True Self

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This reality that you live within, is a manifestation of your own doing.

Everything is your fault — both the good and the bad.

Whether you like it or not.

The sooner that we realize this, the sooner we can move forward.

That is,

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.

— Captain Jack Sparrow

Whether you are happy, or sad, angry, complacent, or filled with desire, this world in which you reside is something that you, and you alone, have created.

We choose to exist as we do, and as we embrace this state of awareness, a great power begins to grow within us.

The power of intentional, and positive, manifestation.

Our acknowledgment of this power then gives birth to a whole new mindset. One in which we can begin to properly utilize manifestation, letting go of blame and these current realities where things are manifested for us. One where we can earnestly pursue becoming all that we are truly capable of becoming.

Which is something we all want, right? To fully embody our true selves?

Of course, it is.

And again, the answers lie in our influence over this concept of manifestation.

But okay, let’s slow down for a second here, backtrack a bit, and attack all this from the beginning.

What exactly is manifestation?

Knowing The Manifest Definition

what is manifesting?

In initiation of this journey, towards an embrace of our own becoming, we must first find an agreement, and understanding, in the manifest definition itself.

Luckily, the manifest definition is not so complex, and can be expressed in that to manifest is to make something apparent and real.

Understanding What It Means To Manifest something simple enough

, and yet it would seem to beg another question — What does it mean to manifest something?

Think about this with me for a second here.

Making something apparent and real implies that it has become something of a tangible reality. Which resultantly likewise implies that it has left behind it’s attachment to the realm of dreams.

To manifest something, then, is to bring it out of this world of dreams, and to establish its happening as common practice in your daily life.


So, just stop dreaming, and start manifesting!

Sounds easy, right?

And yet, certainly, manifesting can be quite the process. One which requires a significant amount of both diligence and patience.

Still, it is a process that can be broken down into a rather straightforward application. One which allows a development of a coherent and empowering plan of action.

Learning How To Manifest

Thus, our next step in properly embracing the power of manifestation, is that we must also come to understand how to manifest.

Remember the diligence we spoke of above? Again, to manifest something requires diligent practice. A practice that is often also referred to as the law of attraction.

One focused around the power of your thoughts, and that establishes a positive belief system in the capabilities of the self. Where you come to truly believe in the ‘impossible,’ let go of stresses and worries, and resultantly throw yourself fully into the practice itself.

Attracting What You Want

How to manifest

As this practice builds, and the belief system strengthens, we shall often find ourselves facing yet another important question.

“How do I attract what I want?”

Truth here is,

You were born with the natural ability to manifest what you want. You’ve been given the ability to imagine and visualize your desired reality into existence. [Just] believe in it so much that it must show up.

— Idil Ahmed

Attract what you want, by knowing that it is already attracted to you.

A concept which may initially seem a bit odd, we know, and is perhaps often easier said than done. But worry not my friends.

Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program presents a multitude of highly beneficial practices and life-changing ways of thinking which will empower and guide you towards a place of knowing.

How to get what you want

How to get what you want in this life isn’t actually so complex. In fact, all the necessary information is already here at your disposal, you need only to pursue it.

Let go of this idea that the negative side effects of your reality are anyone’s fault but your own.

Take conscious control of your life, for it is yours to play with and bend at your will.

Anything you want

Honestly, you can literally have anything you want in this life.

Simply by allowing yourself to come to terms with the fact, that just as not yet having it is currently your own fault, so to shall having it be your fault.

Take Action!

Your dream job, that perfect relationship, or even a one-way ticket to traveling the world. Whatever it is that your heart desires, is already waiting for you.

Manifesting money

Even more money, and potentially true financial freedom.

Yes, manifesting money is indeed a thing. It Will All Become Manifested, One Way Or Another

Whatever it is that you are in pursuit of, by taking ownership of your life and your thought patterns, it will all inevitably become manifested.

And finally, let us focus on a necessary and healthy reminder — Manifestation will happen, even if you are not actively trying to insight its power and influence.

Whatever it is that you are focusing on, will become your reality. So choose not to focus on everything that is wrong with the world, or on everything horrible that has happened to you. But instead, focus on the beauty of the present, and the potential of the future.

Take action on this potential, stay humble, and focus on how grateful you are for all the opportunities life throws your way.

Change your attitude about the ‘problems,’ embrace the power of manifestation, and resultantly come to embody your true self.

Again, we choose to exist as we do.

The status of your life, the magnitude of your happiness, these things are all up to you to decide.

The choice for a better life, is yours!


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