How To Find Life Purpose, Live Meaning, and Fulfill Goals

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A lot has been said and done on the topic of life purpose and how to live a meaningful life.

You, too, have probably been struggling a lot with finding your own life purpose. But perhaps, no matter how much you try, nothing quite seems to work. Perhaps you just don’t know why you are here and you are afraid of wasting your life away.

But you know what’s interesting?

Most of us really never thought of this seriously. We just took up what society expected from us and made it our life’s goals.

But once we grow up and find ourselves stuck in life with a mundane and unexciting existence, we wake up and start asking the real questions — how do I find my own meaning in life? How do I understand why I am here?

Now that you have found yourself reading this post, you can be sure that with the guidelines described here, your quest for knowing your life’s purpose is going to end soon!

What Does It Mean To Be Alive?

What is the meaning of life?

You might be thinking, “what kind of stupid question is that? I am alive. I know what it means to be alive!”

But, just wait a minute! Ponder.

Do you really know what it means to be alive?

I’m asking you because most of us do not actually know what it means to be alive.

We are just born and live life like automata, driven by the rules and set parameters given to us by our society and culture. We are never really fully aware of our universal existence. The existence that is free and limitless — not bound by any such rules.

But when you start to question the things around you, then you begin to wake up. You start to become alive!

What Does It Mean To Live Meaning in Life?

Simply put, until you live meaning in your life, you are never really living your life.

Most of us are living a routine life with a stable job and a regular family. But if we don’t know what all this is about and what the true meaning of this existence is, we will never realize the full potential of life.

So, living a meaningful life means utilizing the full potential of life and living with a purpose and a mission.

And that’s when it all starts to feel real… alive.

What Is The Meaning Of This Life?

It is a tough question to answer.

Many philosophies and sciences are really trying to provide the answer to this single big question. What is the meaning of this life?

Here’s the thing — your life is waiting for you to make meaning out of it.

You have to choose, create, or discover the meaning of your own life.

There are no EXTRA people on planet Earth. If you’re born here, you’ve got a purpose.

– Michael Beckwith, Author of Mindvalley’s Discover Your Life Purpose Program

It may be that you will find meaning by spreading the power of knowledge to the world. Or, it may be through helping people with pain to heal and love.

There are numerous lives with numerous meaning out there. Find yours to live a life of impact, happiness , and growth.

How To Find Meaning And Manifest It Into Reality

What does it mean to be alive?

When we solely live by the bullshit rules of society, or brules, as Vishen Lakhiani likes to call them, our existence becomes a such painfully limited one.

A Brule is a “Bullshit Rule” that we accept as true.

– Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley and the author of Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program

Instead of having a life full of meaning and purpose by spreading joy, health and happiness everywhere, most of us live our lives shut in cubicles (literally and emotionally).

So, how can you liberate yourself by discovering your true potential? How can you find your purpose and live meaning?

Basically, there are two sets of strategies to approach this issue based on the level of consciousness in which you are currently living your life.

Let’s briefly have a look at the levels of consciousness:

Level 0: Early Man. The state of consciousness when we were hunter-gatherers.

Level 1: Modern Man. Most of humanity is currently living on this level.

Level 2: The Culture Hacker. When we start to question the world around us, we step into this level.

Level 3: The State Of Limitless. At this level, we get the sense of mission, connectedness, intuition, inspiration and blessedness.

Level 4: The God Mind. This is the apex of conscious growth.

Ready to turn meaning into reality? Now, based on the level of consciousness you are living in your life, you will have to approach goal setting with either of these two sets of strategies:

Set 1: Set your intentions

If you have not yet reached the state of limitless, then set 1 is for you.

Here, it is you who has to find out what you want to do in life, set your intentions and create a plan for working out your goals.

You have to find what you love doing. Then, start planning and working towards realizing it.

You may read more about this kind of goal setting here — 5 Examples Of Life Goals To Motivate You To Set One Today

Now, this is a great way to live life, but there are yet higher levels of awareness that you can access to turn this into a whole new ballgame.

Set 2: Let your inspiration become intention

This level is applicable to you when you have reached the state of limitless and beyond.

On this level, you tap into your inner voice and listen to it. You start to rise higher up the ladder of consciousness and tap into intuition and inspiration.

You get to truly understand what your soul wants you to do. You become constantly driven by higher inspiration and purpose. Then, that inspiration becomes your passion, your goal.

In this way, the universe decides for you. You are able to tap into the universe and your personal mission comes through you and becomes your life purpose.


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